Road Trauma costs this country $27 Billion a year and the social cost is devastating.  The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party aims to be a significant contributor to road safety debate.

Whilst there has been a considerable improvement in the road toll over the past decades the number of accidents is not reducing and Australia’s ranking is falling compared to the rest of the world for road safety.  It is time to start a new conversation about road safety, and we invite government and road safety experts to participate in this discussion.

Driver Education

We support the enhanced education of drivers in all aspects of road safety; including personal responsibility, mindfulness, risk management, vehicle maintenance, and the notion that a license is a privilege, not a right.  We also believe that driver education should be based on competency not compliance. 

Better Roads…

We work closely with the AAA and others to campaign for better roads.  Motorists well and truly pay their fair share of taxes and charges and we expect that this money is put back into roads.

Harmonization of Road Rules, Vehicles Standards, CTP Insurance

We are proud Australians.  However, we are not proud of the systems and unnecessary regulations that hold back trade and free movement between the states.  We must work together for harmonization across the States.