It’s been twelve months since Ricky Muir took up his Senate Seat, and when we look at what has been achieved in such a short period of time, we should all be proud.  

Through the Motoring Advisory Council we continue to work with Industry Groups, Motoring Associations, Road Safety, Vehicle Standards and Motoring Experts.

Below is an overview of what has been achieved over the past six months.  Simply click on a link for further information, or continue reading for the full report.  If you would like further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

-                      Review of the Motor Vehicle Standard Act
-                      SEVS – Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme
-                      Senate Inquiry – Future of the Automotive Industry
-                      AAAA Expo – Unprecedented Senate / State Government support
-                      Parliamentary Friends of Motoring Event at Parliament House with CAMS
-                      Senate Inquiry – Aspects of Road Safety
-                      RSRT – Road Safety Road Transport Tribunal
-                      Victorian Club Plate Permits
-                      Symposia Accepted – Australasian Road Safety Conference

The responsibilities and achievements of AMEP Senator Ricky Muir go far beyond just motoring issues; however for the purpose of these reports we will focus just on motoring issues. We are proud of Ricky’s commitment to the core values of the party to make informed, balanced decisions in the Senate; he is proving to be a voice of reason for everyday Australians and families.  If you wish to know more about what Senator Ricky Muir is working on you can follow his website or facebook page.

Review Motor Vehicle Standard Act

As part of the review of the MVSA, various submissions have been lodged and we are working with the Minister’s Office and relevant stakeholders to achieve a positive outcome for the importation of specialist and enthusiast vehicles.

Proposals have been put forward for modified vehicles to be imported under NCOP, more flexibility around variants and models through SEVS, changing pre-89 scheme to a rolling date of 15 years, late model LHD Vehicles under permit similar to New Zealand, and removal of bureaucratic red tape.

Whilst we may not get everything that has been proposed we are expecting a positive announcement from the Government in the not too distant future. If we can get even half of our suggestions approved, this will be a big win for the AMEP.

Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS)

A round-table meeting was held in Parliament House in Canberra in February, where we invited the Import Industry to come together to ensure the survival of this sector.   Our concern was they were not receiving a strong enough voice in the MVSA Review against the professional lobby groups, so we encouraged them to work together. For the first time we saw RAWS Associations (Registered Authorised Workshop Scheme), AMVIA (Australian Motor Vehicle Import Association) and various independent Importers and Brokers coming together to develop sensible, workable solutions to ensure the future of their industry. The Minister’s office and Department were invited to the round-table and it sent a powerful message to Government that this sector cannot be ignored.

The Government is expected to make an announcement soon about the review.

Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry

Last year Senator Ricky Muir was instrumental in calling for a Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry.  The first hearings of this Inquiry were held in March/April in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

The AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) were given the opportunity to give evidence at the Inquiry, where they presented a solid case for recognising and further developing the Aftermarket Industry to assist with the rebuilding of the automotive industry.  They presented some good initiatives, one being the development of an Aftermarket Lab allowing for the testing, development and compliance of parts here in Australia.  We have developed strong relations with the AAAA and will continue to work with them through the Motoring Advisory Council (MAC).

In the second part of the year long Inquiry, we will focus on possibilities in developing niche automotive markets here in Australia for specialist and enthusiast vehicles, similar to what they do in the United Kingdom.   In the UK they have a regulatory code that supports specialist and enthusiast vehicles; one based on safety rather than compliance.

An Industry Summit is also being planned for later in the year were we will see the whole automotive sector come together to develop a holistic blueprint for the future of the industry.  This will feed into the Senate Inquiry and provide much needed direction for future motoring policy.

Through developing a regulatory framework supporting the growth of these industries, we would expect to see a positive flow-on effect for enthusiasts through sensible regulations and enforcement.

Automotive Aftermarket Expo

The Automotive Aftermarket Expo was held in Melbourne in April where we saw an unprecedented attendance from Federal Senators, the Victorian Industry Minister and Local Members.  This provided the Industry with the ideal setting to showcase the impressive size and innovative nature of this industry, and the huge potential for this sector to become the new engine room of the automotive industry.  It is about educating the policy makers about the value and potential of this industry, and we are proud to have been involved in this.

There is no doubt that the Aftermarket Industry has been discussed more times in Parliament than ever before.  Eat your heart out, Mike Willisee…


Parliamentary Friends of Motoring – CAMS Report

Many would recall that one of our first achievements was the formation of Parliamentary Friends of Motoring to raise awareness of the economic and social benefits of the motoring culture, motorsport and associated industries. This group was launched in December last year with a car show on the lawns of Parliament House.

The second event was held in March where CAMS were invited to present the economic value of motorsport in Australia to Senators and Members in Canberra.  CAMS commissioned an independent report by Ernst & Young , showing motorsport contributed $2.7 Billion to the economy every year and employed 16,000 people.

CAMS is a member of the Motoring Advisory Council, and we will continue to work with Eugene Arocca (CAMS CEO) to push the economic and social value of motorsport.


Senate Inquiry – Aspects of Road Safety

The Motoring Advisory Council put in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Aspects of Road Safety and as a result were called to give witness at the Inquiry.

The Senate Inquiry took place in Sydney on the 2 July, 2015, where the Motoring Advisory Council (MAC) gave evidence on behalf of the Motoring Enthusiast Community.  With a focus on reducing the number of serious injuries on our roads through producing more competent, aware road users making better decisions on our roads, we are calling for driver education and training to be put back on the table.

The MAC also presented the need for improved crash data to be collected and applying risk management principles to driver education in a similar fashion to the success already shown by Workplace Health and Safety schemes. 

The successful delivery of the submission and evidence presented went a long way to promote enthusiasts to government as the leaders in safe driving practice.

Senator Ricky Muir is a participating member of the Committee, and has invited the Committee to take part in a Driver Course with Ian Luff, so they can experience first-hand the type of education and training that leads to better drivers.


Victorian Club Plate Permit

In January this year changes were made to the Victorian Club Plate Permit Scheme.  Whilst the majority of changes were seen as a positive by the Motoring Community to ensure the future of the scheme, there were some genuine enthusiasts caught out by the changes.  The AMEP and Senator Muir joined forces with Victorian Upper-House Member Jeff Bourman of the Shooters & Fishers Party to help enthusiasts who were disadvantaged by the changes.

If any of our Victorian Members or Supporters are concerned about the changes, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and we will pass your details on to the Senator’s office.

RSRT – Road Safety Road Transport Tribunal

RSRT - Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.  With an aim to improve road safety for truck drivers, their families and all Australian road users, one of the functions of the RSRT is to set pay and related conditions for road transport drivers.  

Truck driving is sixteen times more dangerous than the next most dangerous job in Australia. Many truckies are motoring enthusiasts, and we are using our connections in the Industry to be a voice for these drivers where possible.

Australasian Road Safety Conference - Symposia accepted

One of the AMEP Objectives is to be a significant contributor to road safety in Australia. We believe that Motoring Enthusiasts have a lot to contribute to the discussion about producing better, more competent drivers making better decisions on our roads.

The Inaugural Australasian Road Safety Conference is being held in October; which brings two of Australia’s largest road safety events together. This conference will be the major Australian road safety conference of the year and anybody who is a major player in road safety will be attending.  With a theme of “working together, it is important that we are a part of it. 

The good news is our Symposia:  ‘Driver Attitude and Behaviour is Key’, has been accepted.  More information to come on this soon.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

AMEP Volunteers

It needs to be remembered that the AMEP is a volunteer organisation that was born of the need for motoring enthusiasts to have a voice.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed over the past twelve months, as without you, there would be no AMEP.

As always, and in keeping with our policy of inclusion, if you would like to contribute to the AMEP, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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