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  • 07 Aug 2014 5:45 AM | Anonymous

    We are not invisible…

    The media onslaught of late, whilst confusing to many, has one positive effect, we are not invisible.  There is not doubt that we have ruffled a few feathers, and this is how change happens. 

    Whilst the motoring enthusiast community has been the target of media sensationalism and vilification for some time, we sometimes forget this, and believe what we hear and read in the media.

    It seems the more we stand up for what we believe in, the stronger the assault against us.  However, we will not sell out on our integrity, we will not sell out on our community, no matter what any disgruntled person(s) or the media say. This is our commitment to our members, our community and ourselves.

    There will be many people along our path that will act in ways that are not in the best interest of the party or the Senator, and they must be dealt with quickly and respectfully.  Unfortunately, these people will then go to the media with their tales and lies.

    We are in a powerful position, which is why we are under attack, otherwise nobody would care.  We should celebrate this, and not fall into the trap of “divide and conquer” being reined upon us.

    We ask our community to stand strong and stand proud, regardless.  

    There is movement happening…  Stay tuned as we move into the next stage of evolution of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party.

    Kind regards

    Sharyn Littler
    Australian Motoring
    Enthusiast Party

  • 07 Jul 2014 5:41 AM | Anonymous
    Today the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party made history. Today Senator Ricky Muir was sworn in as a Federal Senator for Victoria.  This is something we should all be very proud of, and we take this opportunity to thank our members and supporters.

    The role of the Federal Senate is a house of review to keep the government of the day honest, and it was good to see a record number of Cross benchers being sworn in today.  This is an unprecedented opportunity and something we take very seriously.  We stand strong on our senate commitment to be a voice for the everyday Australian and the Motoring Community.

    We are seeing doors open to our community that have never been available before, and whilst things don't change overnight, the future has never looked brighter.  

    The journey has just begun.

    Motoring Enthusiasts and proud...

  • 12 Jun 2014 6:18 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)
    Most of the motoring community have come-out in support of Ricky Muir following the Channel 7 Sunday Night story; and there is also much support from within the broader community.

    Let’s get a few things clear. Ricky Muir is not a polished politician – in fact, he doesn’t become a Senator until 1 July.

    Is Senator-elect Ricky Muir embarrassed by the way he was portrayed in the Willesee interview – yes. Was it a fair portrayal of who the man is and what he stands for – in my opinion, no.

    Question is, are we going to allow this kind of behaviour to destroy the opportunity we have as a community – again, the answer is no.

    We are all aware the media believe it is their right to support or destroy not only politicians, but any citizen they believe is fair game. It is an unfortunate truth that many believe what they read, see or hear in the media is absolute gospel; a myth perpetrated on the world by the media themselves. It is also an unfortunate truth that in-order to sway the public, the journalist has the power to present a story in whichever-way their own personal bias lies.

    So now it is time to move forward…

    Senator-elect Muir takes up his Senate position on 1 July, a mere three weeks from now. He still has a lot to learn, as did every new politician when first elected. He still suffers from nerves – as do the majority of the population, but this is something he will learn to control.

    He is dedicated to his role, and as with every-other politician in the country, will be assisted by a number of dedicated staff who will ensure he is knowledgeable about all the issues.

    Senator-elect Ricky Muir is a genuine bloke who was prepared to “stand up” on behalf of others, and ultimately, it is up to all of us to show him respect and allow him to get on with the job at hand.

    Remember, this party was formed on the basis of Unity, Respect and Lifestyle. In true Aussie style, let’s honour that Unity and Respect, and allow Ricky Muir the time and space to do what he can to preserve our lifestyle.

  • 12 Jun 2014 6:16 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)
    Australian politics has long been seen by those in power as their God-given right, and those outside the “inner sanctum” are not welcome to participate.

     This is the same sentiment portrayed by Mike Willesee on the Sunday Night program, attempting to show the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator-elect Ricky Muir, along with members of the Palmer United Party, of being unworthy of taking their seats in Parliament on 1 July.

    First and foremost we need to remember one thing – Senator-elect Ricky Muir has never claimed to be nor portrayed as anything other than an every-day Australian. The fact that nerves got the better of the Senator-elect when being interviewed by one of Australia’s best-known and toughest current-affairs reporters was no reason to portray him in such a negative way.

    In fact, very few every-day Australians thrown into a similar situation would have fared any better; this does not in any way imply that Senator-elect Muir is any less capable than the over-groomed politicians currently warming seats in any of Australia’s parliaments.

    It is unfortunate that, of the hours of footage available to the shows producers and editors, they elected to use only the tape which normally would have ended up in the bin – had they not been out to discredit those concerned. In short, the show was little more than an attempted character assassination.

    It is true the Senator-elect has no previous experience in politics, and he has a lot to learn – but so did everyone from the Prime-Minister down when they first became politicians.

    If those in power and the media choose to belittle the incoming Senator, so be it; but they need to remember that what Ricky Muir brings to the Senate is the experience gained from working hard for a living, of struggling to support his family on minimum wage, of hurting every time a new tax is introduced, of understanding how-far removed other politicians are from the reality of life in “every-day” Australia.

    Ricky Muir will earn his political stripes; he will become more polished with time and experience; and he will be doing his best to make a difference for those ordinary Australians of whom he is one.

    Remember, too, that Senator-elect Ricky Muir is not alone on this journey; he has the support of millions of like-minded Australians; he has the support of the motoring community and the motoring industry; and like all politicians, he will be surrounded by the best-possible team of staff to advise and guide him through the minefield of politics.

    In short, Senator-elect Ricky Muir will be doing everything possible to best-represent the people of Australia. It is time to move away from the media sensationalism, biased reporting, and unfounded criticism. It is time, instead, to focus on what is possible for motorists and every-day Australians over the next six years. It is everyone’s democratic right to have an opinion, and mine is to give the bloke a go – that’s the Australian way…

  • 27 May 2014 8:14 PM | Anonymous

    One of the initiatives of the AMEP has been the formation of an independent Motoring Advisory Council (MAC). The inaugural meeting of the MAC was held recently were we saw Motoring Experts fly in from all around the country to take part in this historic event.

    To see Industry Groups, Peak Motoring Associations, Road Safety, Driver Education, Vehicle Standards and Motoring Experts sitting around one table agreeing to work together was a unique experience. The quality of the conversation was high, and to see all present expressing the same concerns from different perspectives showed that our call for unity is well founded, and that together, as a unified group, we have the opportunity to achieve much.

    It was truly inspiring to see such a diverse group of Motoring Experts talking about taking control and developing innovative policy/action to ensure the future sustainability of the Motoring Culture in Australia.

    The MAC identified and discussed the key issues and opportunities that we face as a Culture, and priorities are being made and strategies developed.

    Here are a few of the key opportunities we agreed to action immediately.

    1. Restructure of Motor Industry

    Maximise opportunities with the demise of car manufacturing to restructure the Motor Industry in Australia, to grow industry, skills and create new jobs. 

    Too often we see nonsensical rules introduced by regulators with no technical understanding, attempting to regulate in a manner that is impractical and makes no sense to car owners, vehicle modifiers and business. Unnecessary bureaucracy is currently threatening the future growth of these industries, however, all the right pre-conditions are in place for future growth and the time is right for creating that change.

    2. Road Safety / Driver Education

    Everyone around the table were strong Road Safety Advocates, and it was agreed it is time to start a new conversation in this country about Road Safety. It was also agreed there is nobody better than Motoring Enthusiasts to start this conversation.
    The idea of hosting a Summit on Road Safety was put forward to help change the current debate about Road Safety. It was agreed by all this will be high on the agenda. 

    All in all it was an extremely successful day, and we believe that everybody left the meeting feeling confident that change is possible, and knowing that we are to be the leaders in creating that change.

    This is a positive step forward in a very long journey.

  • 19 May 2014 1:43 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)

    Media Release

    AMEP Says Budget Is Unfair

    The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has spoken out against the 2014 budget claiming it disadvantages lower and middle income families.

    With heavy focus on revamping health, education, pensions and fuel excise, the 2014 Budget will further disadvantage those least able to afford the reforms.

    Spokesperson for the AMEP, Keith Littler, said that whilst the government is selling their budget on its supposed benefits to the nation, the initiatives are to be mostly funded by the most vulnerable sector of our population, those who already have difficulty living from week to week.

    “Whilst the government has told the people we all need to share in the heavy lifting, they have again reinforced the void between the government’s understanding of reality and that of the low to middle income earners,” Mr Littler said.

    “In dismissing the $7 co-payment fee for a visit to the doctor as little-more than the cost of a cup of coffee, the government fails to realise that to many of our population, $7 can make a difference when it comes to feeding their family.

    “And now motorists are being asked to pay an increase in fuel excise to cover the cost of road infrastructure, even-though they already pay a tax of .38 cents per litre of fuel to cover these costs. If this 38 cents wasn’t mostly diverted into consolidated revenue, we would already have a great road system and no need to increase the fuel excise.

    “The Productivity Commission Draft Infrastructure Report has identified there is a huge disconnect between revenue raised through motoring taxes and charges, and the money spent on road infrastructure. We understand that presently only 9 cents of the 38 cents collected goes back into road infrastructure.”

    He said that the AMEP would be fighting for a better deal for all Australians, and in particular, would be looking to ensure all money collected as a road-funding tax component is fully returned to the roads infrastructure.

    “If the government is truly seeking co-operation from the cross benchers in the upcoming Senate, then I would suggest the government seriously consider looking to the needs of those they claim to represent. The government need to understand they are there to work in the best interest of the people – instead, they are playing with peoples lives.”

  • 29 Apr 2014 1:42 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)

    Media release 

    AMEP opposes electoral reform 

    The push by Australia’s major political parties for electoral reforms to limit the success of micro parties has been criticised as a threat to democracy by the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party (AMEP). 

    AMEP Secretary, Keith Littler, said it was undemocratic to change the rules which would effectively stop everyday Australians from exercising their democratic right to a voice in government.  

    “The proposed changes effectively muzzle the concerns of all Australians who feel they are not represented by the agenda of major political parties,’’ Mr Littler said.  

    “We exercised our democratic right to form a political party, won a seat in the Senate, and the Government is now attempting to change the rules to prevent this from happening again,’’ Mr Littler said. 

    “If the Government persists in its effort to destroy minor parties then we will have to reconsider how we will vote in the Senate.

     “This is nothing more than a back door attempt to further erode Australian democracy,’’ Mr Littler said.

     “The Government is attacking the micro and minor parties through more knee-jerk reactions but the reality is, they should be asking why there are so many micro parties forming.

     “If everyday Australians felt they were being listened to and represented by the major parties, there would be no need for the micro parties to exist.

     “Rather than changing the rules, the Government should be asking itself why this has happened. Unfortunately government in Australia appears to be more fixated on how to retain power than serving the people,’’ Mr Littler said.


    Contact: Keith Littler

    Ph: 0409 180 544

  • 26 Mar 2014 1:40 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)


     A Vote For a Micro Party Is a Good Vote…

    In the lead up to the W.A. Senate election, the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has spoken out about the anti micro-party scare-campaign being waged by major political parties and high-profile independents. 

    AMEP Secretary, Keith Littler, said that the fear campaign implying a vote for a micro-party is a wasted vote is simply untrue. 

    “Around 25 percent of Australians chose not to vote for a major party at the September 2013 Federal Election. Democratically, all Australians have the right to vote for whomever they want”, Mr Littler said. 

    “Regardless of the rhetoric from the majors, every vote counts; and ultimately, contributes to the election of a Member of Parliament.”

    He said rather than attempting to belittle and dismiss the micro parties, the government should be asking themselves why so many micro parties have registered and contested state and federal elections in recent times. 

    “Many of the population are disillusioned with the major parties and believe they no-longer represent the views and wishes of every-day Australians. 

    “Major parties are so out of touch with realities faced by the most of the population; many groups are forming their own political party to have their voice heard. Confidence in the major parties is at an all-time low. 

    “The fact that the preference flow may cease before ultimately reaching a major party is the reason the major parties are upset. It means that with smaller parties and independents sitting on the cross bench, the governing party often has difficulty passing unpopular legislation”, he said. 

    Mr Littler went on to point out that the preferential voting system was initiated many years ago by the major parties, and that they have consistently used this system to their advantage to win government. 

    “In fact, without the alliance of the Nationals, the Liberal Party would rarely govern in their own right; as with the Labor Party ruling only with the support of the Greens. 

    “It is amazing that when a micro party wins a seat playing by the same rules established by the major parties, there is a call to change the electoral rules,” He said.


    Contact: Keith Littler

    Ph: 0409 180 544

  • 19 Mar 2014 1:38 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)

    Why did the AMEP form?

    A question that has been asked many times, and an answer that couldn’t be simpler: to gain recognition and respect for the Motoring Enthusiast Community.

    The fact is, as we are all aware, our culture has been increasingly vilified over the past decade. We have been misunderstood by the general public, harassed by the authorities, legislated against by the government, and sensationalised by the media.

    Our very lifestyle has come under attack from all quarters, and our “democratic society” refuses to recognise our culture. Our rights are eroded by consecutively tougher laws and penalties, designed to force us off the roads and out of existence; and our vehicles are portrayed not only as environmentally unfriendly, but as a menace to the very society we are a part of and contribute to.

  • 18 Mar 2014 1:37 PM | Keith Littler (Administrator)

    The AMEP caught the government by surprise during the September election when they won a Senate seat in Victoria, proving that a micro-party can gain office using the very same system as the major parties.

    Mr Howlett said “the AMEP has proved that in a democratic society, the every-day Australian has an opportunity to represent his peers at the highest levels of government. We are hoping to repeat the Victorian success and bring further representation to the needs of the Australian motoring community.”

Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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