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  • 11 Feb 2015 9:31 AM | Anonymous

    2015… Road Safety is on the Agenda

    As motoring enthusiasts we are diverse, yet stand united when it comes to the importance of road safety and improving driver/rider education.  It is time to start a new conversation in this country about road safety, and we believe there is nobody better than Motoring Enthusiasts to drive this conversation.

    Last year a motion was passed in the Senate for an Inquiry into Road Safety in 

    Australiaand this provides an ideal platform for Motoring Enthusiasts to have a say in Road Safety. 

    Senate Inquiry into Road Safety in Australia
    Submissions Close: 27 February, 2015  
    Senator Ricky Muir is a participating member on committee.

    Terms of Reference can be seen here

    AMEP and MAC (Motoring Advisory Council) are working on a submission for the Senate Inquiry, and we call on anybody who is interested in contributing to this conversation to share your thoughts.

  • 07 Feb 2015 9:34 AM | Anonymous

    Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS)

    As part of the review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act, the Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme is being reviewed. The Department of Infrastructure is currently looking at the definition of what constitutes a specialist and enthusiast vehicle.

    The Senator’s Office is working with Jamie Brigg’s Office in relation to the review, and is keen to speak with anybody who is currently involved in the scheme and feels they have something to contribute to this important discussion.

    Please contact us initially at

  • 17 Dec 2014 11:46 AM | Anonymous

    A win for Australian Car Owners – Data sharing becomes a reality

    The Agreement on Access to Service and Repair Information for Motor Vehicles was signed last week by five organisations representing key industry and consumer groups – the Australian Automobile Association, AAAA, Australian Automotive Dealer Association, Australian Motor Industry Federation and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

    The agreement facilitated by Federal Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson is a victory for common sense. “This agreement ensures independent repairers can access all information required for the diagnosis, body repair, servicing, inspection, periodic monitoring, and reinitialising of the vehicle, in line with the service and repair information manufacturers provide their authorised dealers and repairers,” said Stuart Charity, Executive Director, AAAA.

    “The parties have agreed to give Australian vehicle owners rights similar to those enjoyed in Europe and the USA. The accord creates a level playing field enabling independent aftermarket workshops to compete with the car company authorised dealerships. 

    The agreement is a win-win-win for all parties. It promotes consumer choice for owners of 17 million vehicles – particularly those in regional areas where there are fewer dealerships. It helps 22,000 small workshops remain in business, and the vehicle manufacturers will earn a fair price for the data that they share.

    To see the full media release

  • 01 Dec 2014 6:22 AM | Anonymous
    Car show on the lawns of Parliament House…

    AMEP Senator Ricky Muir, together with Fiona Scott (Liberal) MP and Senator Kate Lundy (Labor) have recently formed a bipartisan “Parliamentary Friends of Motoring” Group. The purpose of the group is to raise awareness of the economic and social benefits of the motoring culture, motorsport and associated industries and to provide a forum in which stakeholders and peak bodies dedicated to motoring can meet and interact with Senators and Members to discuss important issues.

    The official opening of the group will be taking place this coming Tuesday, 2 December, with a car show on the lawns of Parliament House. A fantastic PR opportunity to see some of the finest examples of Australia’s Motoring History out the front of Parliament House, sending a strong visual message that motoring enthusiasts have a voice in Canberra.

    We are strong advocates that working together we can achieve far more than working alone.

    Motoring Enthusiasts and Proud…
  • 24 Nov 2014 6:38 AM | Anonymous
    An unprecedented alliance of Senators has united to develop a whole-of-industry blueprint for the future of the Automotive Industry.

    Earlier this week Senator Ricky Muir together with Senators Carr, Xenophon, Madigan and Rice co-sponsored a motion that was passed in the Senate to establish a one-year inquiry into the future of Australia’s Automotive Industry.

    Senator Muir said, “It is time to develop a whole-of-industry blueprint to enable us to rebuild, and to invest in the innovation, knowledge and skills that Australia is renowned for in order to assure future automotive industry growth and job creation. 

    “The Automotive Aftermarket Industry is currently worth $11 Billion to the economy, and employs 30,000 people. This sector is well placed to contribute to the overall restructuring of the industry, we just need to see sensible, innovative policy to assure this growth”, he said.

    With Holden, Ford and Toyota leaving there is an unprecedented opportunity to review the entire automotive industry, including ADR’s and State Regulations that currently restrain growth and job creation within the Aftermarket Industry.

    If we can develop a simplified scheme around modifications that focuses on safety rather than bureaucratic red tape, this will mean the future of the motoring culture and the right to modify vehicles will be assured.
  • 29 Oct 2014 7:06 AM | Anonymous
    Senator Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has slammed the Government’s announcement to increase fuel tax next month without parliamentary approval.

    The Government has announced it will increase the fuel tax from November 10 through a tariff proposal, effectively bypassing the Senate and allowing the rise in tax before being legislated.

    Senator Muir said “Motorists are the highest taxed members of our community, now the Government choose to tax us further without consideration for the hardships it will cause to every-day Australians.

    “This is bad governance of the highest order. The Senate respected the wishes of the people in their opposition to the proposed fuel tax, so the Government chose to introduce it through the back-door and without authority,” he said.

    If the Senate still refuses to pass the increase when it is reintroduced for debate, all money collected in the interim will be returned to the fuel companies in what could only be described as a massive taxpayer-funded windfall.

    “The Government’s election promise was no increase in taxes. The use of such a tactic to force their unwanted tax on an already tax-burdened group of people – this is unacceptable and un-Australian,” Senator Muir said.
  • 24 Oct 2014 7:27 AM | Anonymous

    Consumer’s choice of repairer for their motor vehicles has become one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry over the past week. With the advance in motor-vehicle technology, manufacturers and their dealer networks have jealously guarded access to information, data, software and specialised tools, effectively preventing non-authorised repairers from working on newer vehicles.

    Whilst independent European and USA mechanical-workshops have full access to the same information and tools as their dealership-counterparts, Australian OEM’s are jealously guarding their technology in a move which guarantees dealerships exclusive access to new-vehicle servicing and repair; or in simple terms, the potential for growth in dealer-servicing networks at the expense of independent workshops.

    In 2012, the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) recommended a voluntary industry code of practice should be implemented to ensure vehicle data sharing by manufacturers and importers with all in the industry.  Negotiations broke down earlier this week when the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), the body representing car makers and importers, released their own voluntary code of conduct which effectively allows manufacturers and importers to refuse access to data and equipment to any workshop not franchised to the manufacturer.

    Senator Rick Muir met with the Minister for Small Business, Brue Billson yesterday to express his concerns around this issue, and applauds the Ministers decision to convene a meeting of the relevant stakeholders to ensure consumer freedom of choice when they have their vehicles serviced.

    “All consumers should have a choice of repairer and we would not like to see vehicles being poorly maintained or their safety being compromises because of a lack of current vehicle service data for those who can’t afford routine maintenance at dealership.”, Senator Muir said.

    The AMEP fully supports the call for an Industry code of practice compelling sharing of technology and information within the motor repair industry.

  • 22 Sep 2014 5:56 AM | Anonymous


    We want to thank those Members and Supporters who had their say regarding the Government's proposed return to the indexation of fuel excise.  The results were overwhelmingly clear...

    Do you support the indexation of fuel excise?

    YES - 3.79%

    NO - 69.49%

    YES, If money goes back into roads  - 26.73%

    Motorists already pay more than their fair share of taxes and charges, and it is not unreasonable to expect this money is returned to road infrastructure.  Whilst the economic argument of returning to indexation on fuel excise is solid, the message is clear that motorists want a better deal with the money they already pay.  We are working together with other Peak Motoring Bodies to get a guarantee that the money collected in taxes and charges goes back into roads.

  • 09 Sep 2014 5:51 AM | Anonymous
    Twelve months ago today… we were handing out “how to vote” cards at polling booths around the country – 7 September, 2013. 

    Twelve months later the AMEP have a say in the highest Government in the land, and we have doors opening to us that have never been available before.

    Twelve months ago Motoring Enthusiasts around the country united, came together to make a stand.  The AMEP ran ten candidates in all five mainland states, and had a presence at polling booths around the country.  

    We ran on the platform of Road Safety, Driver Education, Better Roads.  We strongly believe in promoting personal responsibility and a fair-go for all.

    We can be proud of our achievements to date.  We are seeing “Unity” at the highest levels.  We are seeing Peak Motoring Bodies, Industry Groups, Road Safety, Driver Education, Vehicle Standards and Motoring Experts working together to create innovative motoring policy in this country. 

    As we enter our second year, we are about to embark on the next stage of our evolution as a party, and as a community and we invite you all to come along.

    Checkout more photos from Election Day 2013 -

  • 25 Aug 2014 5:49 AM | Anonymous

    Results $7 GP Co-Payment Survey

    Last week we surveyed our members and supporters to gain feedback regarding the Governments proposed $7 Co-Payment, and want to thank those who took the time to share their thoughts, and to share the results.

    Do you support the $7 GP Co-Payment?

    YES -    14.06%

    NO  -    60.16%

    YES, if disadvantaged people are exempt  -  20.70%

    Undecided  -  5.08%

    We will be conducting several other short surveys over the following week, so please take the time to have your say...

Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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