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  • 21 Jul 2015 9:57 AM | Anonymous

    Twelve months since Ricky Muir became Senator Ricky Muir...

    AMEP Senator Ricky Muir is earning his political stripes; he is becoming more polished with time and experience, and he is doing his best to make a difference for those ordinary Australians of whom he is one. 

    Remember too, Senator Ricky Muir is not alone on this journey. He has the support of millions of like-minded Australians; everyday people and families; he has the support of the motoring community and the motoring industry.

    In short, Senator Ricky Muir is doing everything possible to best-represent the people of Australia and bring an independent voice to the Senate. He will continue to focus on what is possible for motorists and every-day Australians for the next five years.

    It is everyone’s democratic right to have an opinion, and mine has been to give people like Ricky Muir and the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party a go – that’s the Australian way…

    Congratulations to Ricky and the team for surviving their first twelve months in parliament.

    Keith Littler

  • 25 Jun 2015 8:54 AM | Anonymous

    Message from Senator Ricky Muir

    As many of you may be aware, recently Labor voted with the Government to re-introduce fuel indexation after making a deal.

    In this deal there will be $1.1 billion dollars spent on the roads to recovery program:

    I did not support the deal and my vote was against the re-introduction of fuel indexation.

    Of the current 38 cents per litre of fuel excise a significant amount of it goes into consolidated revenue. Motorists already pay enough. I would have much rather seen a guaranteed percentage of the current excise spent on roads annually to ensure consistent road funding and stability.

    Over the next decade it is expected that the re-introduced fuel excise will raise 23 billion dollars and you guessed it, it is us motorists who will be funding it.

    My thoughts are in the attached link.

  • 15 Jun 2015 9:36 AM | Anonymous

    UPDATE:  Review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act

    The Government announced in April that whilst they are not inclined to open the floodgates on imported used vehicles, they are considering how they can support importing specialist and enthusiast vehicles. 

    Through the Senators Office we have been working with the Minister’s Office to ensure that the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle community have their say on possible changes to the Act.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this debate.

    The areas that have been raised are:

    • SEVS – Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme – More flexibility
    • Modified Vehicles – National Code of Practice should be adopted to allowed modified vehicles to be imported
    • Pre-89 Enthusiast Vehicles – Move to a Rolling Date of 15 years
    • Left-hand Drive Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme – Limited number of permits for late model LHD Vehicles
    • UK Model – Adopt a similar scheme to the UK – Regulatory Framework supportive of developing specialist and enthusiast niche markets.

    An announcement from the Government is expected shortly, and the Senator is meeting with the Minister again this week to discuss.

    AMEP, proudly giving a voice to motoring enthusiasts.

  • 30 May 2015 6:26 PM | Anonymous

    This is a before and after picture of my first Drag / Race car project from many years ago.

    The reason I am showing you this is because of an article written by Practical Motoring a bit over a month ago, where it had made mention that Harold Scruby from the Pedestrian Council of Australia has " maintained his belief that motor racing encourages speeding and should therefore be banned."

    Attached here for your enjoyment:…/scruby-stands-by-his-ca…/

    To make a short statement in reply to such commentary: Mr Scruby, It was a love of watching, living and breathing motor sport as a child that led to me being aware that anything can happen. Even to the most skilled drivers on the track. So there is no exception on the street. If I wanted to compete, the race track was the place to do it.

    It was a love of cars that taught me that that annoying squeak when braking is possibly because the brakes need attention, that knock in the front when going over a bump is a worn ball joint, or a strut that needs replacing. It taught me to check my tyres because different pressures on different terrains with differing tread patterns have a huge effect from vehicle to vehicle and so on.

    It taught me to respect my car and the conditions in which I'm driving. Not to simply see a car as a tool to get from A to B with no connection with the signals it is giving me.

    As I had a keen interest in motor sport I decided to build a car on a shoe string budget so I could compete at my local 1/8 mile drag strip. The result is pictured above.

    Has this led to me speeding on the street? No Mr Scruby, it has not. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite. What it did do was encourage me to encourage as many people as I could to do the same. To take their car to the track and compete, to keep it off the street. To enjoy their sport in a safe and legal environment.

    Now I could go on and on about how motor sport facilities can and are used for driver education programs, training exercises, emergency response training etc, but I will save that for another day.

    What do we do to stop kids from skating in shopping malls? We give them a skate park. Does it work, yes!

    It is O.K to have a different view than other people, as a matter of fact, it is even a good thing. But to simply say you should ban something because you don't agree with it seems a little narrow minded.

  • 29 Apr 2015 7:23 AM | Anonymous

    Victorian Club Permit Scheme – Changes were made to the scheme on the 31 January this year and unfortunately, we are aware of several cars that have been targeted and caught up unfairly as a result of the changes.

    Through the Senator’s Office we have been in ongoing contact with Vic Roads, however, it would appear they are unable to answer our questions and concerns.

    Whilst nobody is disagreeing there had been abuse of the scheme in the past and there was need for change, the targeting of responsible modified enthusiasts vehicles is not acceptable.

    AMEP Senator Ricky Muir has teamed up with Victorian Upper House Member, Jeff Bourman from the Shooters & Fishers Party, who is a motoring enthusiast himself, and they are keen to speak with anybody who has been unfairly targeted as a result of the changes, or anybody who simply has questions in relation to the changes.

    Contact us at or phone: 0417 702737

  • 21 Apr 2015 8:12 AM | Anonymous

    The Australian Aftermarket Industry is alive and well...

    With car manufacturing in this county set to end in 2016/2017, the Aftermarket sector is set to become the engine room of the Auto Industry.  We are proud to be working with this sector to help them gain political traction.

    The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo took place in Melbourne over the weekend, where some 420 exhibitors were on display.  The Event was officially opened by Senator Kim Carr, AMEP Senator Ricky Muir and Senator Nick Xenophon, and was followed by a tour of successful aftermarket manufacturing and export businesses. It was unprecedented having three Senators, plus the Victorian State Industry Minister at an Aftermarket Expo.  This can be contributed to the leadership that AMEP Senator Ricky Muir has shown in this space.  Well done Ricky and team…

    Our strategy is to bring recognition to the value of the Aftermarket Industry, and the opportunity for growth in this sector to help transition many of the workers in the supply chain who will loose their jobs when car manufacturing comes to an end.  Most importantly for our community, it is about bringing awareness to the unnecessary regulations and attitudes that hold this industry back, and to look at developing a regulatory framework that could support this industry.  This is part of the discussion taking place as part of the Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry, another initiative through the Senator's office.

    We have discovered that if we jump and down about our rights to modify our vehicles without harassment, nobody listens, nobody cares.  However, if we talk about jobs and growing industry, we get heard.

  • 31 Mar 2015 6:38 AM | Anonymous

    Parliamentary Friends of Motoring hosted an event at Parliament House in Canberra recently where the economic value of motorsport was discussed with Senators and Members.  

    CAMS presented a report by Ernst & Young – “Economic Contribution of the Australian Motorsport Industry”. The Report highlights the importance of motorsport to Australia, by estimating the economic contribution, value add and employment of the industry.

    The Report showed that in 2013, the four wheel motorsport industry generated $2.7 Billion direct industry output and $1.2 Billion direct value added and provided 16,224 direct jobs. The Report went on to say that over 150,000 people participate in motorsport across Australia, through competing, officiating or participating in car club activities.

    Rally Australia also presented an update on the FIA World Rally Championship to be held in Coffs Harbour in September this year and the benefits to the region.

    Parliament Friends of Motoring is proudly co-hosted by AMEP Senator Ricky Muir, Labor Senator Kate Lundy and Liberal MP Fiona Scott.

    To see the full CAMS Report -…/Admin…/CAMS_EYReport_201014_LR.pdf


  • 11 Mar 2015 5:50 PM | Anonymous

    Senator Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, whilst welcoming the Government back down on plans to scrap the Automotive Transformation Scheme, has a strong message to drive home to the Government and the people of Australia.

    “The end of car manufacturing in 2016/2017 by Holden, Ford and Toyota is a significant loss to our economy, and it is crucial we provide hope to the 100,000 plus workers whose jobs are expected to be affected. 

    “This is not about hand-outs to the car makers, it is about honouring a scheme that will ultimately help to transition the component supply chain.  Many of these businesses are in the process of transitioning, and the threat to pull the scheme would have seen disastrous consequences with critical component manufacturers closing and an earlier than anticipated exit of the car makers highly possible”, Senator Muir said.

    He added that whilst the decision by the Government to reverse their decision regarding the ATS is a sensible one,  the next and most crucial step is to ensure the ATS eligibility criteria ensures funding is invested in the best possible way to achieve the best possible outcome to help business and workers transition. 

    “Our message is clear - the Automotive Industry is not dead.  Whilst it may be true we can’t compete with mass produced vehicles based on price, we can compete when it comes to quality, high-end, innovative components.  We need to focus on our strengths, to ensure that we retain the high-skill sets that Australia is renowned for.

    “The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry, for example is an $11 Billion Industry that employs some 30,000 people, an industry that receives no Government assistance.  An industry that is well-placed to help transition some of the workers, yet is not recognised as being a part of the Automotive Industry due to limited definitions”, Senator Muir said.

    The first day of hearings of the Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry was held yesterday in Melbourne, with another hearing in Adelaide on Friday.  The Senate Inquiry was established late last year with the aim to develop a blueprint of how the Industry will look after 2017.

  • 07 Mar 2015 9:38 AM | Anonymous

    AMEP Senator Ricky Muir hit a home run on Thursday when he gave his maiden speech in the Senate. It may have taken a while but he is finding his feet.  He has received much positive publicity and we have been waiting for this to drive forward with the next phase of our campaign.

    We have spent the last year positioning ourselves to be in a position of influence; the focus now shifts to creating and driving innovative motoring policy.  Change can happen... it just never looks or happens in the way we think it will.
  • 12 Feb 2015 9:44 AM | Anonymous

    Today saw the Import Vehicle Sector come together as never before during a roundtable meeting in Parliament House to discuss the review of the SEVS Scheme under the review of the MVSA.

    Discussions have been happening between the Senator's Office and the Minister's office in relation to the review, as we were concerned this sector were not receiving a strong enough voice in the review.

    It was a very productive meeting and a important step in sending a strong message to the Minister that this sector has come together and needs to be considered during the review of the Act.

    A united proposal is being developed and will be presented before the end of this month.

    Thank you to everybody who has contributed to this discussion.

    Special thank you to Kristian Appelt from Ironchef Imports, Nuwan from the RAWS Association and Import Revolution, Rob Ogilvie from Hybrid Australia, Jack Sandher from AMIVIA and Top Secret Import, Ross Pendergast, Bruce Gearing, ADR Automotive, Herman Urriola, Garry Sandher, Maxwell Summers, Shoguncars, Steven Ghaly, Cadman Concepts,Chris Elliot from Japan Imports, Rajitha Rajapaksha, Autoproject, Jon Meertens and Marc Boomgaard from Carizma and Rob Bryden from Motoring Advisory Council (MAC) and to those who could not attend but contributed through email and phone.

Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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