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  • 18 May 2016 5:43 AM | Anonymous

    The AMEP and our Motoring Advisory Council support the call by the AAA Keep Australia Moving Campaign. The major parties have avoided the issue long enough and our economy is paying the $16.5bn congestion price and the $27bn road trauma cost each year while they continue to play kiss chase with the Greens.

    We call for a commitment to allocating at least 80% of annual motorist generated tax revenue to roads and public transport schemes available to projects that can maintain, expand, improve the quality of or improve the efficiency of our transport networks.

    In the country areas it's as simple as funding to maintenance and safety improvements in most cases. Our April 2015 submission to the Senate Review into Aspects of Road Safety highlighted that Councils are responsible for 80% of Australia's road network which accounts for around 50% of the annual crashes. Green field development adds around 1% nationally to that network every year. Over 20 years thats 20% more to manage and ratepayers are feeling the pinch already. Councils need more funding support in this area to claw back the infrastructure debt.

    In our cities, we need innovative ways to ease congestion while also making our public transport networks fit for the future. Mega projects quickly stall smaller projects as they soak all the money to one problem. We need to spend wisely prioritising those with proven benefits.

    Neither is possible if the money raised is directed to other areas. Back in April 2014 the AMEP asserted this to government with our submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry in Infrastructure. We also attempted to highlight this before Tony Abbott ignored our calls bypassing the senate on the fuel excise issue in a display of total ignorance and arrogance.

    For far too long prior governments have pushed the majority of road taxes into the general revue bucket while allowing our transport networks to deteriorate. Smoke an mirrors keeping the public at bay while the budget hid the truth the public can plainly see on our transport networks today.

    Labor, Liberal, Nationals and particularly the Greens have allowed the debate to spin in ongoing circles. One calls for road taxes to go to roads, then the Greens say it should go to public transport. It's time to stop the spin.

    It's a pointless bickering that can be solved by directing the majority to both. A roads and public transport funding bucket. Buses, taxis, light rail and trams are all heavily reliant on road infrastructure so it's a pointless argument. Passenger trains take pressure off them. The problem, like the solution is one and the same.

    Australia deserves better than waves of mass funding and dry spells. We deserve a commitment to a consistent pipeline of projects, maintenance and funding that can generate a sustainable construction industry as we work together to break down those decades of neglect.

  • 11 May 2016 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    AMEP have been building our Teams over the past several months in anticipation of a double dissolution election being called for 2 July. 

    Both houses of Government were dissolved at 9am on Monday 9 March, 2016. This means for the AMEP that Ricky will only serve two of his six year term, and that he now has to re-contest his seat.

    We are inviting every AMEP Member to play a part in the upcoming election.

    Whether it is getting involved on election day, making a donation to help pay for campaign costs, or helping us rally the troops and spread the word, your help is needed. 

    It is make or break time for the AMEP and the Senators Office. 

    At this stage we anticipate running in three States; Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, depending on funds raised.   A Bare bones campaign is $6000-$7000 per state, so we need to raise $20,000 to run in three States. 

    We have started a fundraising campaign and ask for your help by making a donation, either big or small, and sharing the link.


    Make a donation to our Fundraiser…


  • 28 Mar 2016 7:14 AM | Anonymous

    Last year car clubs around Australia raised millions for charity and devoted countless hours to causes around the nation. From cruise for charity, to the toy run and across to off road clean up days. Cruises are a regular way for enthusiasts to enjoy the drive or ride with like minded mates and an excellent way to give back to the community via charities or causes. That type of story though rarely gains media attention.

    The party has reached out to the W.A Minister for Police Liza Harvey, after a shameless media grab sensationalised a simple wet weather rear end crash in Perth. We had spoken with Liza last year at the Road Safety Conference and found her to be very reasonable. She is one Police Minister we have managed to speak to, and our respectful discussions will continue.

    The story shows the Minister edited in with a supporting statement but then closed out by saying that two similar incidents on gazetted roads could warrant the need to "take a closer look at car clubs". Given the Undisputed Car Clubs very upfront and clear approach to no tolerance for hoon driving, on this occasion no action is required. The car clubs can and are handling it themselves.

    The prior incident (last week) was not the same circumstance. No doubt the car club executive following that incident are having discussions about driver conduct at future events as video footage demonstrated that driver conduct was questionable.

    The AMEP will not tolerate discrimination or targeting of our lifestyle now or into the future. Our communities of car lovers in Western Australia will not be legislated out of existence. Especially if two media sensationalised minor crashes are used as warrants. The only difference between this latest crash and any other wet weather rear end crash out there, was the quality of the cars. It is our observation that there is no public safety risk to raise the concerns of the Minister.

    Rear end pile ups happen every day without being shown on the evening news. The media sensationalism just feeds the gutter journalists like those at A Current Affair or Today Tonight which further fuels knee jerk political reactions.



    7 News Perth Like Page

    March 27 at 9:19pm · 

    Drivers who took part in a car club cruise which ended in a pile up say the crash was the result of wet roads and not hoon driving.



  • 25 Mar 2016 7:51 PM | Anonymous

    Road Safety is on the agenda this year in a big way. With $27bn lost each year to road trauma it's a serious drain on the economy.

    This weekend volunteers of the Motoring Advisory Council are preparing a submission to the senate review into road safety that would revolutionise how crash data is collected to bring the Safe System into it's next evolution.

    Enthusiasts are leading the way in this charge. It should come as no surprise that enthusiasts are the leaders in safe driving. We are substantially under represented in crashes. Our driving attitudes, vehicle respect and choices behind the wheel means we rarely find ourselves in crashes. Even in our daily driven cars. It does happen, but not often.

    The future of road safety in a Complex System will see much greater focus paid to the driver element. It will shift the focus to the areas that need greater attention by providing data we can trust. Data that reveals the true factors behind crash statistics. If a region, road, age group, town or user type has a specific problem it can be targeted with effective measures. This is simply not possible with today's data. Hence the obsession with speed rages on...

    Drivers have been largely taken out of the debate under the Safe System. Drivers can and do make mistakes, but driver competence cannot continue to be ignored. Especially with emerging technologies that we need to operate to realise their full benefits. It's not like new cars come with training courses, we just find out on the run. None have shown this more than ABS. Experts, studies and data has proven we rarely use it effectively.

    The AMEP and MAC took the driver issue head on at last year's Australian College Of Road Safety conference. We opened the debate with the road safety experts by starting to debunk the old "driver education creates drivers who take greater risks" attitude that has plagued the debate for over a decade. Put simply, you cannot take the driver element out of road safety. We asked, Road Safety; Who's responsibility is it? Nothing has more influence on the outcome than the driver, so we can't keep ignoring it.

    When the 600+ delegates got excited about driverless cars solving the driver problem by removing drivers from the equation, we spoke up to remind them that enthusiasts will always be on our roads enjoying Australian heritage through our love for cars. We spoke up to remind them that the human interface will still be there and in the future if a driver does have to take control of a driverless car, they will be even less prepared to drive it.

    On this Easter long weekend we hope you are all enjoying the time with family or friends somewhere across this great nation. Stay safe and enjoy the drive.

    AMEP fighting for the rights of motorists and enthusiasts alike.

  • 09 Mar 2016 2:00 PM | Anonymous



    Queenslanders should retain their right to hold politicians accountable every three years, unless Queensland’s Upper House is restored.

    This is the united message of Queensland political parties, with the exception of the ALP and LNP.

    Today, in a show of unity, a large number of Queensland political parties have come together at Queensland’s Parliament House to urge Queensland voters to vote ‘no’ to four year terms in the current referendum.

    As long as Queensland retains its status as the only state without an Upper House, three year terms are the only accountability measure for a majority State Government in Queensland.

    Queensland voters reacted strongly against the Bligh Government in 2012 and the Newman Government in 2015 and held them to account at the ballot box. Four year terms without additional accountability and a House of Review would have given each of these governments an additional year in office, without being held to account for unpopular and often poor policies and decisions.

    We have seen the instability of the Palaszczuk Government on display this week as another MP chose to sit on the crossbench rather than continue as a member of the Government. It would be detrimental to the economic stability of Queensland if had a government similar to this current minority government locked in for a fixed four year term.

    The large majority of Queensland’s political parties are today calling on Queenslanders to reject the ALP and LNP’s grab for an extra year in office.

    If the ALP and LNP are serious about government accountability and bringing Queensland in line with all other Australian states, we are calling on them to reinstate Queensland’s Upper House before four year terms are considered.

    Next year, 2017, will mark one hundred years since a referendum to decide the future of Queensland’s Upper House. Queenslanders voted at that time to retain the Upper House. Yet the government of the day ignored that vote and abolished the Upper House. We call on both the ALP and LNP to use this one hundredth anniversary to set right this wrong and restore Queensland’s Upper House.

    10th March 2016




    Media Contacts:

    Australian Christians
    Ray Moran – 0438 553 424

    Australian Liberty Alliance
    Bernard Gaynor – 0413 722 995

    Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party
    Sharyn Littler – 0417 702 737

    Christian Democratic Party
    Greg Bondar – 0499 041 285

    Democratic Labour Party
    John Quinn – 0499 310 081

    Family First Queensland
    Seath Holswich (former State MP) – 0434 937 750

    Katter’s Australian Party
    Kirstin Payne – 0466 711 527

    Liberal Democratic Party
    Gabriel J. Buckley – 0423 847 372

    Rise Up Australia Party
    Cristian Walker – 0412 714 599

    Shooters and Fishers Party
    Neil Curtis – 0409 047 033

  • 02 Mar 2016 1:39 PM | Anonymous

    Changing of the Goal Posts…

    The majority of you would have seen the craziness over the last ten days with the Government presenting their Bill on Electoral Reform to the Parliament.

    Once again AMEP and Senator Ricky Muir have become the talking point of Australian Politics, being singled out as the reason for this reform.

    Simply the rules are being changed to stop parties like us, from ever having the chance to win a Senate Seat again.  It would appear that the AMEP and Minor Parties are a real threat to the current political power-base and they will do anything to stop us.  Disappointing, but not surprising…

    After doing a deal with The Greens and Senator Nick Xenophon, it looks like the Government will be able to get the legislation passed through the Senate.

    It is being predicted that the next step will be the calling of a Double Dissolution Election in July.  This seems a real possibility, as the Government would not risk pushing through this electoral reform now and having to deal with unhappy Crossbench Senators for the next 3 ½ years.

    Whilst this is not good news, we should not give up…

    This is the most significant change to Senate voting reform in over 30 years and it is being rushed through a Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Reform.  Ricky is a participating Member of the Joint Standing Committee, and he and many others have been very vocal about the lack of parliamentary scrutiny around the Bill. 

    AMEP had the opportunity to tell our side of the story in a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Monday. Please take the time to read this, and we ask that you share this perspective with as many people as possible. 

    AMEP Submission #45 

    Senator Ricky Muir’s Dissenting Report 

    With the uncertainty of changing goals posts, it is time for the AMEP to build on what has been achieved and sure up positions for motoring enthusiasts wherever possible on Motoring Boards and Working Groups.

    It certainly will be an interesting time in politics over the next several months, and as Members of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, we should all be proud that AMEP were bold enough, crazy enough, to play the game. 

    We will keep you up to date with the proceedings and possibilities as they unfold over the next month or so.

    In the meantime, if you would like to play a larger part in ensuring the future of the AMEP, contact us.

  • 22 Dec 2015 10:07 AM | Anonymous

    Winners and losers in Australian Politics for 2015.

    Congratulation to AMEP Senator Ricky Muir receiving the "Most Improved" award by the Sydney Morning Herald. ;

    "At first, the Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator appeared to be a walking, talking advertisement for Senate voting reform. Elected on a proportion of the vote so small you needed a search party to find it, Muir came to most of our attentions when video emerged of him throwing kangaroo poo at a mate. Then, slowly but surely, something changed. Muir's maiden speech was a cracker, explaining how his own experience of unemployment had shaped his policies on issues such as work for the dole". SMH

    Change can happen... and we can be that change.

    Proud AMEP Member

  • 02 Dec 2015 8:17 AM | Anonymous

    Yesterday was an important step forward for Motoring Enthusiasts in the push towards National Consistency of Vehicle Standards.

    The Final Report from the Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry was released yesterday and one of the recommendations is to pursue reform options to harmonise vehicle modification regulations and adopt a consistent national approach to compliance and enforcement with vehicle regulations.

    Recommendation 20

    5.32 The committee recommends that the government, through the Council of Australian Governments, pursue reform options to harmonise vehicle modification regulations and adopt a consistent national approach to compliance and enforcement with vehicle regulations. A critical part of this work will be the harmonisation of emerging federal, state and territory legislation and regulations designed to deal with the arrival of autonomous vehicles and driving systems.

    Chapter 5 of the Report - Motoring Enthusiasts and Motorsport…/Economics/Automotive_ind…/Report/c05

    Please take the time to read Chapter 5 of the Report, as finally there is recognition of the value of the Motoring Enthusiast Community and Motorsport to the Australian economy.  It outlines the issues and opportunities that we face, and to have this on record is extremely valuable.  This has been a big focus for the AMEP and the MAC over the past eighteen months.  Congratulations to all involved.

    Share this good news with everybody that you know.  

    If you would like more information don't hesitate to contact us, or if you would like to be involved in the next steps, or you know somebody who should be involved, let us know.

  • 04 Nov 2015 6:59 AM | Anonymous

    "A happy county is a productive country" - Senator Ricky Muir.

    Checkout AMEP Senator Ricky Muir on RPM - Channel TEN - riding through the Victorian High Country.  We need more politicians who understand the importance of recreation on mental health.   Happy people contribute more...

  • 08 Oct 2015 6:57 AM | Anonymous

    National consistency is on the agenda today at a Senate Hearing for the Future of the Automotive Industry in Melbourne.

    The Motoring Advisory Council, an initiative of the AMEP, will be giving evidence today at the Inquiry, with a focus on creating a positive flow-on effective for enthusiasts.

    A real vision for the future of the Australian Automotive Industry is to build upon what we do well.

    The automotive aftermarket sector is proof there are viable and growing automotive manufacturing sectors in Australia. Local aftermarket manufacturers produce parts, accessories, workshop tools and equipment and specialty equipment such as 4WD, high performance and motorsport components.


    National Consistency - Create a seamless national economy, reducing cost incurred by business in complying with unnecessary and inconsistent regulations across jurisdictions.

    Develop a regulatory framework that supports the growth of the automotive aftermarket industry.

    Develop a separate code for specialist and enthusiast vehicles.

    Establish testing and prototyping facilities in Australia. The aftermarket is R&D intensive and is quick to market. An Australian Automotive Aftermarket Lab would be a meaningful contribution to expanding this industry and supporting the maintenance and growth of automotive engineering and R&D.

    Motorsport Sector – Australia has a significant record in the design, engineering and manufacture of performance racing and motor sport technologies and components, build on what we do well.

    Employment: National Marketing Campaign to attract people to the Industry.

    Keep up the good work team...

Address: PO Box 4542, Springfield, Queensland 4300


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